Review: Game Dev Tycoon

logo_gamedevtycoonRelease date: 2012
Version played: PC in 2015

+ easy to learn, hard to master mechanics, such as learning what type of game works on each available platform
+ simple graphics show what needs to be shown, but have no extraneous bells and whistles
+ sound and music add to the experience without being distracting (though as a rule when playing games without crucial sound cues, I did eventually turn it off to play my own music)
+ the feeling of almost going bankrupt, then releasing some monstrously successful game to pull you out of the negatives is a fantastic way to keep you playing

– the game is very text heavy, and you will sometimes get the same ‘hints’ over and over even after main hints are turned off in menus
– only so many events can take place before they start repeating themselves

> Apparently if you downloaded the game somewhere other than the official channels, the developers added a notification that piracy was killing your company, and you soon after failed. That is a top notch idea, and I imagine a fair few people fell for it.

Should you play this game: As a fun little time waster, or while you are watching TV, this game can be fun. I say give it a go, and see if you be the next big gaming development company.


2 thoughts on “Review: Game Dev Tycoon

  1. I’ve found what works best is Game Boy RPGs over and over and over again for the full 30 years of the game. I was pretty sad when replaying the game over and over that Nintendo always wins until Playstation comes along. I already knew what would happen so it made the game easy.


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