Wrestling Review: Wrestlemania 31

+ overall, none of the matches were bad + the over-the-top entrance fit the world of pro-wrestling perfectly (see: Triple H and Rusev) + no performers look bad or stupid (in the storylines) after their matches; this is a rarity in current WWE + some surprise guests and famous alumni make the show a bit … Continue reading Wrestling Review: Wrestlemania 31


Column: It’s the Little Things…

I've recently finished a handful of games, including Dark Souls and Watch_Dogs, and I am currently about 35 hours into Dragon Age: Inquisition (look out for the review, should be coming soon!). I know it may sound petty, but for all of the countless hours of work that go into most of the AAA games … Continue reading Column: It’s the Little Things…

Review: Watch_Dogs

Release date: 2014 Version played: Xbox One in 2015 + The game looks pretty, particularly at night or in the rain, except for the horrible reflections, which literally never actually show whatever should be reflected + Cover system is responsive, if unrealistic (eg. hiding behind tiny boxes provides full cover). Seems to be based off … Continue reading Review: Watch_Dogs