Movie Review: Batman Vs. Robin (2015)

+ takes bits and pieces (aka ‘draws inspiration from’) the Night of the Owls comics story
+ quite violent, especially against the main antagonists’ goons
+ the film is well animated, and the characters well voiced, including a few surprising additions

– the title is slightly misleading, as there is not a huge amount of “Batman versus Robin”. It is perhaps a bit more metaphorical.
– Damien being such an annoying little kid is what sets off the whole plot, really. If he had just not been such a douchebag the whole thing could have either been avoided, or at least saved many people a lot of pain

> once you watch this movie, google who voices The Dollmaker. I know, I was pleasantly surprised, too.

Should you see this film: I had a spare 90 minutes, and this was an enjoyable way to spend it. I liked this film more than the previous entry, Son of Batman, and after watching this, look forward to where the series may go in the future.


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