Game Review: Pokemon Picross (2015)

Release date: 2015 Version played: Nintendo 3DS in 2015 Two of my favourite things in life are monsters in my pocket, and crossword puzzles which make pictures, so imagine my utter ecstasy when one of my Street Passes was someone who recently played "Pokemon Picross". Released as a digital download for the Nintendo 3DS, and … Continue reading Game Review: Pokemon Picross (2015)


Movie Review: Nightlight (2015)

In this 2015 found-footage horror film, Robin (Shelby Young), Nia (Chloe Bridges), Chris (Carter Jenkins), Ben (Mitch Hewer) and Amelia (Taylor Murphy) head into a dark forest, with a storied history of suicides and a demonic presence. The teens begin the night with some flashlight games, which only end when they utter their safe word, … Continue reading Movie Review: Nightlight (2015)