TV Review: GLOW (Season 1, 2017)

Based on the real world promotion Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling set in the middle of the 80s where spandex, big hair and misogyny were ripe and rampant, the first season of GLOW premiered on Netflix in 2017. Aspiring actress Ruth Wilder (Alison Brie, Community) wants more than secretary or housewife roles, and soon finds herself … Continue reading TV Review: GLOW (Season 1, 2017)


Movie Review: Incarnate (2016)

Directed by Brad Peyton, Incarnate is a 2016 horror movie. Seth Ember (Aaron Eckhart) is a jaded exorcist who lost his wife and young son in a car accident some years earlier, apparently caused by a demon with a personal grudge whom he dubs "Maggie". As he completes his work with his assistants Oliver (Keir … Continue reading Movie Review: Incarnate (2016)