Game Review: RiME

Release date: 2017 Version played: Xbox One in 2017 A third-person puzzle/platformer developed by Tequila Works (also known for Deadlight), RiME was originally released in May 2017. Players take control of a young boy who washes ashore an island, and must navigate it's tricky puzzles, via the use of perspective, shadows, timing or platforming, as … Continue reading Game Review: RiME

Game Review: DOMINA

Release date: 2017 Version played: PC (via Steam) in 2017 Colourful language and some extreme, albeit pixel-art style, violence are plentiful in DOMINA, a gladiator-training/Roman ludus simulation game developed by Dolphin Barn, also known as 'bignic' - yes, one person did all the music, programming and artwork. Originally released in April 2017, players take the … Continue reading Game Review: DOMINA